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What is like App

What's the app like

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First of all, know what the Like app is. This is a short video making app or you can also call it magic app because with the help of this app you can create amazing magic video. This favorite app of many Bollywood actors is Shahid Kapoor, Disha Patani, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor etc.
There are so many such features in the Like App that make this app fun. With this app you can create bollywood actors' dialogues, song, video, acting, 3d animation and lots of video as well as create magic videos. And as well as uploading videos to the Like app, you can also share it on social media such as facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.

Like APP is technically updated with the latest features including high-performance architecture even smooth user experience on mobile phone's low-end processing effect is elegant video and fast and smooth video playback technology which defines Ensure large numbers of technical networks and the best in the world world. An enticing mix of video lip-sync and magical effects of high quality, a destroyer like APP, for full stress and entertainment enthusiasts, but also that is always an attractive equation configuration for people looking for everyone not only for technology Is a masterpiece day

When you watch a video on youtube, you may have seen ads of your Like appsome times, or you must have seen the Like app's ad on your interenet, then you will have a question about what the Like app is  using. It is done and why it should be used. If you have such questions in your mind, or you want to know what the Like app is and how to use it. So after reading this complete of our post, there will hardly be anything left in this app that you do not know, so let's review the app .

How to create account

Creating an account on the LIke app is very easy. To install this, you have to go to the google play store where you will see that Like app has been downloaded by 10 million people which has been rated 4.6 star, which means that people like this Like App.

After installing this app, as soon as you open it, it speaks for you to select the language. After this, you get many options to create an account on the app, or you can create simple account by entering your mobile number or connecting with the Like app from your account of facebook , gmail , instagrametc. In this way you can easily create your account on like app.

How to use

Using the Like app is very easy to use. In this app how you can create your magic video, we will tell you step by step. So that you do not face any probleam in using it, so let's go ahead and know how to use the Like app.

When you create your own account, a new screen is opened, as the uper is shown. In this you can see some options like
♦ Your profile icon 
♦ Follow 
♦ Popular 
♦ Nearby 
♦ Latest 
♦ Global 
♦ Notification bell
Your Profile icon
After making an account in the Like app, you see a small icon of your profile picture here. After clicking on it, you can set your profile.
After clicking on the follow button, you see the video which is inserted, along with the video you have been recommended.

The video you see after clicking on it is a popular video. This means you can watch popular video.
This is a nice feature that after clicking on the Like app tells those people who are close to you as well as their distance.
On this, you get to see the latest video. If you want to watch the latest video then you can see by clicking on the popular button.
If you want to watch a video from another country, then you have to click on the Global button.
Notification bell

At the last, you notice the notification bell when someone like and commentes on your video, it gets detected by notification bell.

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