Thursday, June 28, 2018

MCENT browser earn | daily 100 rupees

What is Mcent browser.                                                        


mCent Browser is an Android app that gives you free shipping to browse your favorite websites. Use the Mcent browser as you would with any other browser. MCent Browser only gives you daily browsing points so that you can recharge it on your own convenience.

earn Paytm cash withdrawal method Paytm How to use mcent browser

Copy your contacts list to browse mobile phones and take backup APK from the current using the Mcent browser application. Then remove the Mcent Browser application. In the next step, just open the reference bar in your mcent browser browser and download the McentBrowser application from the Play Store.

Mcent Browser App Features:

AutoFill: A completely conflicting online model quickly and easily
Private Browsing Settings: Use this setting so that your browsing history and cookies are not saved

Download Manager: Downloads are saved immediately, easy to find, and will resume when you stop

Smart, Personalized Search: The results you write are visible instantly based on past searches and visited sites.

Home screen shortcuts: Quickly access your favorite sites, social networks, news and shopping with a single click!

Video: Watch a full-screen video

Bookmark: bookmark your favorite websites for later access and quick browsing.

History: Easily access all previously viewed websites. Remove individual websites or clear all

Language support: The MCENT browser supports both English and Hindi
Tabbed browsing: Many web pages are opened simultaneously and easily switch between tabs.

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