Wednesday, June 6, 2018

what is hypstar how to earn hypstar

What is hypestar

Hypstar is a short video that makes mobile applications for Android and iOS. According to the Hypstar website policy, it is built with the Vigo Mobile application and BTE Lite. By using this application, we can share short videos of 10 seconds and 15 seconds from the mobile on the Hypstar platform.

By using this application, we can make small videos and share them with the Hiper Star community, we can also earn some reward. Like YouTube, we can create many of our followers and subscribers. We have a built-in video editing feature in HyperStars. By using this, we can also make better videos by editing our recorded video. With it, we can share our videos on all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, except the Hypostar. How can we join two separate video clips with professional video editing software? This is what we get Advance Toolkit in HyperStar and we can merge two video videos separately here.

This does not give us money in USD in the AdSense account like YouTube, but there is money in the form of a flame. Every time one of our videos works well, we get a call in that video and after that, we can convert those flames into cash and transfer them to the bank. Along with this, there is also a questionnaire about the Hyperstar, from time to time where we have the opportunity to get the prize.

How to download and earn money from Hypstar

It is easy to download, if you are an Android user, go to Play Store and download it from there and if you go to the app store for iOS users and download and install the Hypstar.

After downloading and installing Hyperstar, we must login with the help of Twitter, Facebook or Google. There is no option to register here. Therefore, it is important to have at least one account on Twitter, Facebook or Google if you have an account on HAPSTER.

After creating an account, we have an option, message and I like it. From the option here, we obtain information about the details of our account. If we click on the call option in the Me option, we obtain information about the earnings. To convert the llama into cash, the PayPal account must be linked.

We also have the option to invite and win in the hyper stars. We can also earn flames by sharing links with our friends. But for this, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions first. With this we obtain the option to build community in the hyperstates. That's it, we can follow someone else around the world and vice versa. As soon as followers grow on YouTube, in the same hyperstars, we can increase our followers with good content and increase the chances of earning more.

How to make money Hypstar

So far, all the reviews of this application have been good and it has a rating of 4.2 in the Play Store. So far, many people have joined the Hyperstar India application and have also created millions of followers.

From here we can earn money in 2 ways:

Make a video test playing

Through these two methods, we can earn money, but it is not reliable because I have seen my official website because I only received information about its conditions. The conditions say, if we create an account, then it reaches all of our personal data, such as contacts, applications, operating system, if there is any information on the phone, then everything is reduced.

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