Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Domains name sell and earn lakh money

Domain filiping

Domain names of Business English, which you bought will realize that the domain name (name of the website) and can be sold, you can think of a famous thing, any unique element called famous person or domain name, and that you can buy DOMAL domain names verification of vendor's availability sites, it is necessary to think of a domain name that in the future, one or useful, come once After the domain name in check the mind Once it is found Godadi said domain names as a domain seller and bought the domain name later, its availability, can be put up for auction.

There are many people in India who have domains for Rs. 99, to earn millions of dollars in O and in other countries, many people are seen in very small pesos in the purchase of the domain name and sell thousands of rupees. to be known in December 2015, the girl was born Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg was in, followed by an engineering student named Augustin Kochi application has a field of Maksonjhkrberg Omen said, one day Amal got Godad's party, in which the domain name required the name of the sale and the domain sold the normal treatment to understand the domain name 800, but when the deal was the last, he realized that the domain The name is bought by Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook

        how to sold domains.                           names

1 In India, you can buy the domain name of Godady and then sell it at auction, you will have to create your Godady account for Godady, then you must log in, after that you must login, the domain name will also be registered . They will be listed, you must click on the administration that appears in favor of the domain name.

2. Then you will see the option to quote in the purchase and sale of Godady, in which you must click on a list of domain options, after which your domain name will go to the auction, in case you have to pay some rates, you will get premium listings and featured listings. , That you will have separate charges, and both services will help you sell and buy the domain that you bought in your account. You can listen to any domain, for sale, if your domain name is sold, you will get a fixed commission or the amount of Godady will be paid. If you like this information related to "Sell domain name", please share it in social networks

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