Thursday, June 7, 2018

What is musically musically new feature


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An application of music that incorporates social networks and music into a unique task: its own video platform. Users can make and save videos up to 20 seconds (on this site is known as 'Mursers'). The video usually shows lip sync, dance routes, and funny skates. Like other social networking sites, users can appreciate and comment on other videos, and even collaborate with them as well.

Music Features

This application is a large library of music clips that users can choose to sync with their lips. It is popular songs, references to TV shows, videos from other musicians, and clips. Once the song or clip is selected, the user can shoot a video for it. Music has many effects and filters, such as high speed, low speed, time delay, flashback and other "timing machine" effects.

Other features include direct messaging features called Direct.lily, the option to connect live broadcast applications, a leaderboard that displays the most popular videos and displays popularity hotspots on the "Trends" tab. .

While applications such as Facebook and Twitter include verified user accounts, a blue mark to the music. It works a bit different. Instead of blue tanks, the authors confirm the authentic accounts by the famous profile, or the description of crown emoji in the profile, which is strong in application. There are so many musicians who have created the following in the music.

Privacy settings in ly

Most other social networking sites have the option to keep users a public or private profile. Profiles are set by default in public. To access personal privacy settings and change your personal account, do the following:

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